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Wild Son begins with a story of 2 sets of best friends, unknowingly taking new opportunities that lead them to Kelowna, BC. Aaron DeSilva and Kieran McCaffrey grew up and began playing music together in Kitchener, Ontario. After graduating from high school they both moved away and began their musical adventures. Being involved with bands in Toronto, Niagara Falls, Winnipeg and Gimli to name a few, Aaron and Kieran were exposed to new and exciting influences. Being self taught, this allowed them to explore new genres, while refining their musical abilities.

Cam Wilks and Mitchell Howanyk met while attending Brandon University, studying their respective instruments (jazz drums/classical violin). While performing in various bands/school ensembles, Mitchell and Cam developed a similar drive to push their musical boundaries and refine their technique. Weekly jams at the university bar Suds, as well as local musical households like The Loft, were an enormous influence for both. The vast majority of mentors and peer talent truly challenged them as progressing musicians. Each night was filled with genre hopping and spontaneous, fusion filled artistic experiences. During the summer of their last year, Mitchell decided to leave Brandon and pursue a teaching opportunity at Wentworth Music in Kelowna.

Cam and Kieran had known each other through mutual friends in Gimli, MB. For anyone who doesn’t know where this is, it’s a small beach town an hour north of Winnipeg. Kieran and Cam reunited in Winnipeg in 2011 to create a 2 piece duo called Wild Son. While gigging and writing music together, these two realized they had a unique sound and wanted to expand. Right around this time, Mitchell was in touch with Cam and mentioned he was interested in performing with him again. it was an easy decision to migrate west. Wild Son has now become a 3 piece band with Mitchell as lead violinist.

When the new 3 piece band began performing at open mic nights in Kelowna, audiences were blown away by the diversity of this group. If Cam’s slick grooves with Kieran’s catchy song writing wasn’t enough, Mitch would jump between violin, bass guitar, mandolin and banjo throughout the performance.

Kieran invited Aaron to come visit Kelowna and have the opportunity to play bass with them for a local jam night. With a day of practice, the 4 piece played their first show together and realized this was the complete sound they had been looking for. Aaron moved down a month later and the 4 piece band was born April 20th 2012. Since then, Wild Son released a 4 track EP (released in January 2013), performed at festivals such as Keloha and Ponderosa, toured from Whitehorse, YK to Montreal, QC, finishing the tour off in Bermuda, received 1st place in The Best of Kelowna 2016, raised over $10,000 with their Indiegogo campaign for their debut album (released in December 2015) and developed a dedicated following throughout western Canada.

These four members live and breath this lifestyle, and have no question in their minds they were born to write and perform original music. With such dynamic influences throughout the group, Wild Son will continue producing fresh, innovative tracks.

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“You may recall that the first piece that ever appeared in my column was about this prodigiously talented, down-to-earth, groove influenced folk-rock act.”

Vincent Jones - Writer/Host @ Music City Podcast,

“I had the pleasure of catching this band perform at the Habitat on Friday, January 18th for their EP release, ‘Franklyn Road’. The venue was packed and the floor was as busy as I’ve ever seen it with guests grooving out to the funk fueled essence of their sound.”

Dylan Mazur -