Kelowna Band, Wild Son, Set to Release Debut EP

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Are you familiar with local band, Wild Son? If you have a good memory, you may recall that the first piece that ever appeared in my column was about this prodigiously talented, down-to-earth, groove influenced folk-rock act.

Since that piece was published last spring, the band has been hard at work. Shortly after that piece came out, bassist, Aaron DeSilva, was added to the group. Aaron is a musician heavily influenced by the sounds of reggae and Hip-hop. Aaron’s addition to Wild Son has enhanced the overall funk element that flows through the band. With that in mind, Kieran McCaffrey, the band’s lead guitarist and singer, had this to say, “The way this group has ended up together is quite amazing. I’ve been recruiting the right people for this band over the last 2 years… I couldn’t be happier with these guys and the different aspects we bring to the table to create a balanced band and a fresh sound.”


Kieran McCaffrey, lead guitarist and singer with bassist, Aaron DeSilva in the background. Photo by Valaura Vedan


Aaron DeSilva, Bassist. Photo by Valaura Vedan


Cam Wilks, Drummer. Photo by Valaura Vedan


Mitchell Howanyk, violinist. Photo by Valaura Vedan

Aside from adding Aaron to the ranks, Wild Son have been playing consistently around Kelowna. This has seen the quartet gain more experience, develop their sound and build a decent following. They have even launched a website with a fully functional merchandise store! In the last few months, they have been working incredibly hard on their debut EP. The work has paid off. On January 18th, they will be releasing Franklyn Road. To celebrate, there will be a party. It’s happening at Habitat at 9pm on January 18th. Tickets are $10. The track listing for Franklyn Road looks like this:

1. Truth in a Lie

2. She’s my Girl

3. Crystal Archives

4. Don’t Follow Me

If you’ve seen the band perform in the not too distant past, you’ll have no doubt heard the tracks on the EP. It’s sure to be a gem of a record. Tracks 1, 2 and 4 were engineered by Sean Perdue over at Rhythm Lab Recording Studio and track 3 was produced by Mike Pedersen over at Music City Studio. Speaking of which, through my work on the Music City Podcast, I have a close working relationship with Mike Pedersen. Mike told me about the amount of time and effort, violinist, Mitch Howanyk, was putting in to ensure that his sections of Crystal Archives were perfect. It just goes to show that these guys are serious musicians. They work very hard on their craft.

Obviously, it’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Wild Son. However, I am not speaking with bias. Not only are the members of Wild Son talented musicians making a unique, foot stomping, brand of rock, but they are all stellar individuals too. Whenever I take in a Wild Son performance, I am consistently impressed by the attention to detail and level of professionalism that they demonstrate before a note has even been played. Once the music starts, Wild Son shows are always a lot, and I mean a lot, of fun. They bring a real verve and energy to the stage. I promise you that it will be well worth checking out their release party at Habitat.

2013 looks like being an incredible year for Wild Son. In addition, to the release of their debut EP, they will be touring Canada, and performing at Keloha in the summer. They plan to release their debut full-length album in 2014.

Kelowna is lucky to have a band like Wild Son, so get out on the 18th and show your support!

Franklyn Road will be available at the EP Release Party for $5. After that, it will be available on iTunes, Amazon and the band’s website for $10.

You can connect with Wild Son on Facebook, Twitter or on their website.


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